The Image of Melancholy

Anthony Holborne (c1545 - 29 novembre 1602): The Image of Melancholy, pavana a 5 parti strumentali (pubblicata in Pavans, Galliards, Almains and other Short Aeirs, 1599, n. 27). Ensemble Masques: Sophie Gent e Tuomo Suni, violini; Margaret Little e Mélisande Corriveau, bass viols; Benoît van den Bemden, violone; Olivier Fortin, clavicembalo.

The Image of Melancholy


A Musicall Banquet – II. My heavy sprite

Anthony Holborne (c1545 - 1602): My heavy sprite, oppress’d with sorrow’s might, ayre su testo di George Clifford, III conte di Cumberland (1558 - 1606). Emma Kirkby, soprano; Anthony Rooley, liuto.

My heavy sprite, oppress’d with sorrow’s might,
of wearied limbs the burden sore sustains,
with silent groans and heart’s tears still complains,
yet I breathe still and live in life’s despite.
Have I lost thee? All fortunes I accurse
bids, thee farewell, with thee all joys farewell,
and for thy sake this world becomes my hell.

My heavy sprite di Anthony Holborne è il primo brano vocale della raccolta A Musicall Banquet, pubblicata a Londra nel 1610 a cura di Robert Dowland (1591 - 1641).